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Prayer Letters » 3rd Quarter 2018

September 2018

Dear Friends in Christ,

“Behold, I go forward, but he is not there; and backward, but I cannot perceive him: On the left hand, where he doth work, but I cannot behold him: he hideth himself on the right hand, that I cannot see him: But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold” (Job 23:8-10).

It is very easy to become discouraged and distracted and feel like you are alone, trying to do what is right despite the surrounding pressures to compromise and do wrong. You sow, you weed, and you water, often seeming as if it is all in vain. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord, He is always working in circumstances we cannot see, in hearts we do not know, and in ways we don’t understand. Our responsibility is to be faithful no matter what happens around us.

It is hard to believe the Bible college just completed its fifth semester and even harder to believe there is only one more to go before the March 26, 2019 graduation. The students recently began a month-long, somewhat-of-a-break, although they will continue to attend Bible and English classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This break happens to coincide with one of their major holidays, so they will be able to enjoy that week without any classes. Please pray as they return for their final semester on October 22 ready to give their all.

It has been a joy to have the new Bible institute students with us over the past quarter. They have been very faithful in attendance and seem to be enjoying the classes. I believe they are also an encouragement to the Bible college students, half of which attend the same church. It is great when a lot of people from a church are all doing an intense study on different biblical truths together. It helps the church family better edify and encourage each other in the Word.

A few weeks ago, there was a sudden influx of new young people at church. They came from a village not so far away and most have attended the church in Svi Roloom. Since their church only has afternoon services, Maapaa and Moy Sim brought them to the morning service in Takhmau. It is our desire this will be like a Sunday school for them, while they still attend the church in Svi Roloom later in the day. Please pray with us for these children and teens to understand God’s love and His salvation, so they would personally trust Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Besides this new group, the church attendance has remained about the same, with an occasional return visit from some teens, who haven’t come for a while.

We wanted to include an update on Sophoa and ask that you might continue to keep her in your prayers. She seems to be doing well spiritually, but she is staying very busy working two different jobs. She teaches full-time at an English school in the day and works part-time as a waitress in the evenings. We rejoice in her commitment to be at church Sunday morning and at prayer meeting Wednesday evening, as she asked permission from her employer to have that time off. Also, in an attempt to be more independent, closer to work, and escape persecution from her family, she is renting her own place. Please pray for her safety and for godly friends who will sharpen her spiritually.

Thank you for praying for peace and calmness during the Cambodian national elections. Despite the increased presence of police and soldiers on the streets, everything was relatively quiet and remains so today. You may have heard through the news reports that the predicted outcome was pretty much how the official results turned out. 

Thank you as well for your prayers for me returning to college studies. I finished my first course, Modern Creationary Thought, and am currently taking two more eight-week block classes, Physics and Ethics. We praise the Lord for his provision of some grants to cover most of the expenses incurred. I will be starting another set of classes, The Modern World and Baptist Heritage, towards the end of October. Physics has been quite a challenge for me as it has been quite some time since I took college algebra, so I appreciate your continued prayers.

As usual, Rebekah continues to keep a very busy schedule with serving at church, teaching English, Education and piano lessons in the college, along with teaching piano lessons at the music school. Please pray that she might gain a few more students at the music school, since several former students have stopped studying. Also pray as she pursues follow-up medical treatment to help straighten her pinky, which was broken in a moto accident several years ago. 

A few months ago, Rebekah started encouraging some former Bible college students to begin a young adult group at their church in Svi Roloom, as she attends there regularly, also. Currently, there isn’t anything for that age group, and the Lord has burdened her concerning it. It seems many of them are struggling with depression, which has seen a drastic increase here in Cambodia as the country has become more modernized. It is somewhat humorous that what the world claims will bring happiness, such as gadgets, prosperity, and the philosophy of this world, actually causes the opposite. Rebekah is encouraging them to meet at least once a month to fellowship and strengthen each other in their walk with Christ. So far, they have met twice with a very good turn out, and so far, Rebekah has helped guide the meeting, but next month she will turn it over to the Cambodians completely. As a result of seeing how these meetings have gone, Maapaa, Theavy and Piseth, all current Bible college students from that church, have also begun a younger youth group with activities held every other week. Praise the Lord for the burden He has given them to reach out to these young people in their church. 

As we close this letter, we thank you again for your faithfulness in supporting the ministry here through your finances, prayers, letters and encouragement. We praise the Lord for you and for the blessing you are to us. As was quoted in the opening verse, even though we may not see what the Lord is doing, may we rest assured that He knows the way we take. May we all come forth as gold! May God bless you.

Serving the Saviour,

The Fruins



* College students 
* New Bible institute students 
* Ron’s online college courses 
* Sophoa (Jobs and housing) 
* Furlough preparations



* Completion of 5th Semester
* New group coming to church
* Grants for college
* New youth ministries at Svi Roloom
* God’s guidance, provisions, and opportunities